Suzannah Sinclair: Tomorrow is Here

It’s safe to say that Suzannah Sinclair  is one of my favorite painters.  It’s not just because she paints hot naked women, though I’m sure that doesn’t hurt.  Using vintage magazines as photo reference, she paints a mood and a scene all at once.

Sister 2010 watercolor and pencil on birch panel 13 x 12 inches (33x30cm)

Is the subject sad? lonely? bored? playful? aloof? These are questions the viewer is inevitably left asking. The paintings are done on wood panels, and often the wood grain shows though the paint, or parts of the image are left intentionally blank so the background becomes part of the image. The organic nature of the canvas lends itself nicely to the figurative work. The brush strokes are delicate and thoughtful and bring to life emotion and curiosity.

I can’t post any more photos because of the racy nature of the work. I can say that they are tasteful nudes and it’s nothing I would consider pornographic. Click here to see more images

This is only her second solo show and it offers a great sign of things to come. Camilo Alvarez, the owner of samson projects , says “He’s happy to have a few of her original drawings in this exhibit as well, as they offer insight into her process and act as studies for the finished products”.

Check out her show 
March 26 – May 1, 2010
samson projects
450 Harrison Ave. / 29 Thayer St.
Boston, MA 02118
T 617 357 7177

Artist’s Reception:
Friday, March 26 / 6 – 8PM

preview show online

NEW Gallery Hours:
Wednesday to Saturday: 12 to 5
& by appointment


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